SelfieStick-300x300With the constant increase in cell phone usage and the combined interest in social media sharing, selfies have become something that many people enjoy taking. The camera quality is also increasing a little more with each new type of phone and most are designed to be used for taking selfies as well as photos of other people or things. However, as you look around the internet, you will find selfies that have great photographs and those that really look very bad. Some people also end up capturing things they shouldn’t within their selfie. Before you risk it, perhaps it is time for you to learn how to take a fantastic selfie that does not cause you future embarrassment.

The Selfie

Throughout history, people have always wanted photos of themselves. The age of digital cameras, cell phones with a convenient face time feature have increased the chances of people taking them. It is hard to resist. When you are out doing something, think you look great, or want to show someone what you look like today, it is easier to snap a pic rather than describe it.

Some people have the act of taking selfies down to a science. They know how to make a selfie look great and it is actually something that takes talent. It is a new age art form that virtually anyone can take part of and for those who do not know how to capture a photo of themselves that they like, there are tips available everywhere.

The Key to a Successful Selfie

One of the first things to know when taking a great selfie is that you should use natural lighting as oppose to flashes. The flash will give your features a ghostly look that will highlight all of your flaws. Along with this, you should take the photo from a direction that shows off your best features. A chubby face can be disguised by holding the camera slightly above you. A side photo of your face or a torso can also benefit from you lifting your head up a little to eliminate the saggy chin.

NoFilter-273x300If you feel that your selfies make your face look too sharp? Filters can improve it. Black and white photos or other types of filters will look better than natural or flashing light. These filters can hide blemishes, remove bags under your eyes, and help other features look better as well.

Put thought into it, but not too much thought. Your photo’s background will play an important part in your photos. Chances are good, people do not want to see your messy bedroom or the toilet in the background of your selfie. Find a good location. Somewhere outside with something that is pretty or cool will work better. Adding other people into the selfie is also a fun way to take advantage of self-photography. It will be something see beyond you or the background of your photos.

However, when you pose for your selfie, try to appear natural. Look away from the camera, even if it is slightly over the top of it. You may also want to avoid forcing a smile, pouting your lips, or doing other things that make you appear to be trying too hard.

The last, but not least, best way to take selfies is to consider posting less rather than more. Some people bombard social media with photos of themselves standing in about the same place. Your friends and family love you. They do not need to see you all the time on their page. If you constantly add self-portraits, your friends will get bored, and they may not realize that one time that you did manage to take a fantastic selfie.