Little Portraits

When you have a little one at home, you probably spend a lot of time trying to capture the various cute faces they make and trying to get that magical moment when she is doing something totally amazing. As a child photographer, it is not always something I can devote hours to. I am unfortunately not always able to wait for a little one to stop fussing or crying. I would rather not take up that much of your time and it has already been proven to me that a little one will not generally get happier while I am there because I am not someone that they know. This means, when it is time to take little portraits of little people, my best option is to get in, get the best, and go. However, this does mean that I sometimes have to go to great lengths.

Why Photographing Little Ones is Difficult

StudioSetMy studio is not a place that most children find fun, even though there are toys and things that they can touch scattered around. Most are completely happy to be there when they first show up, but before long, they are ready to run, especially if I have already photographed them for a little bit. That is why when it comes to the tiniest subjects, I like to capture photos of them resting as well as playing. It is my personal preference to take a few photos of a happy infant or toddler when they are playing around or curious about their surroundings. It does not always mean that they are photographed in the best lighting or the best angles, but typically, those things can come later. When they begin to get bored or a little sleepy, I have their mom put them on a Moonlight Slumber Little Dreamer crib mattress and the photo shoot continues.

The Results: Happy Parents

silhouetteFor some reason, parents typically say that their most favorite photos end up being the ones of their little one on the mattress. When a small child gets on it, they may bounce in joy or hide within one of the many boy crib sets that I have to cover it. Often this leads to a fun game of peek-a-boo and I can capture it in photos. This mischievous look that they have at times while “hiding” or doing other things is nice to catch on film and often parents do not manage to capture those moments on their own camera with the same type of lighting that is available within my studio.

Infants who are on the mattress also end up with really cute photos. Either they will be laying with their bottom up and on their tummy facing toward me, gazing around sleepily, or they will be suckling on a fist. They may be holding a toy or playing with their toes. Regardless, it is often a moment that parents enjoy having pictures of and it is something that I manage to bring out. I do it only by using the right kind of prop, only the best lighting equipment, and the perfect timing to create amazing little portraits.