The Picture Perfect Bathroom

When you think of a bathroom, you most likely do not think of “glamourous”. They are functional rooms that are typically not very stylish. It is not a place that most photographers think of visiting to take photographs. Their clients may not ever consider a bathroom either. With that being said, you can create the picture perfect bathroom and turn it into a more appealing landscape.

Why Consider Bathroom Photography?

PicturePerfectBathroomWhen looking at a bathroom, you have to consider the right lighting and the objects that you are trying to photograph. You can take photos of a bathroom fixture, such as a shower head or sink faucet. When cast in the right lighting, it can instantly become a masterpiece. The same can be said for a toilet that sits solo on one wall of the bathroom, but has a unique toilet paper holder sitting beside of it and a beam of light hitting it just right. There are also companies that hire people to take photographs of these things, so that people will want to purchase them. There are home design companies that are also searching for someone to show off new designs that they have created in other bathrooms. They need photographers with a creative mind. Do you have what it takes?

Where to Start with Bathroom Photography

DiamondToiletBathrooms prove that any place can be beautiful if a person puts their mind to making it a beautiful space. Therefore, you should attempt to look at your bathroom using photographer eyes. Try to find the beauty. A water droplet on the sink faucet, a new shower head that is flowing without restriction, and the best toilet seat looking unique and beautiful. You can use soft filters on your camera to ensure that the lighting is perfect, you can put a vase of flowers on the back of your toilet to make it look more inviting, and decorative shelving or soaps around the sink. There are a lot of places to photograph in a bathroom. You just need to use your creative mind to see it.

Who Will Notice Your Bathroom Photography Skills?

BathroomThink about the toilet reviews that are available on the internet. All of those reviews use photographs to show off the product that they are reviewing. If you can take amazing photos of their product, they may use your photographs. By having them use the pictures you take, you can get exposure for yourself. As every photographer knows, the hardest part of being a photographer is getting your pictures out there where others can see them so that you can gain recognition. As a bathroom photographer, you will be doing what many others will never do. This immediately gives you a great window of opportunity that most people will never embrace. Do you want to miss out on the opportunity to have your pictures seen and your name heard? It could be the easiest way for you to get noticed and then you can move on to photographing what you really love.

Little Portraits

When you have a little one at home, you probably spend a lot of time trying to capture the various cute faces they make and trying to get that magical moment when she is doing something totally amazing. As a child photographer, it is not always something I can devote hours to. I am unfortunately not always able to wait for a little one to stop fussing or crying. I would rather not take up that much of your time and it has already been proven to me that a little one will not generally get happier while I am there because I am not someone that they know. This means, when it is time to take little portraits of little people, my best option is to get in, get the best, and go. However, this does mean that I sometimes have to go to great lengths.

Why Photographing Little Ones is Difficult

StudioSetMy studio is not a place that most children find fun, even though there are toys and things that they can touch scattered around. Most are completely happy to be there when they first show up, but before long, they are ready to run, especially if I have already photographed them for a little bit. That is why when it comes to the tiniest subjects, I like to capture photos of them resting as well as playing. It is my personal preference to take a few photos of a happy infant or toddler when they are playing around or curious about their surroundings. It does not always mean that they are photographed in the best lighting or the best angles, but typically, those things can come later. When they begin to get bored or a little sleepy, I have their mom put them on a Moonlight Slumber Little Dreamer crib mattress and the photo shoot continues.

The Results: Happy Parents

silhouetteFor some reason, parents typically say that their most favorite photos end up being the ones of their little one on the mattress. When a small child gets on it, they may bounce in joy or hide within one of the many boy crib sets that I have to cover it. Often this leads to a fun game of peek-a-boo and I can capture it in photos. This mischievous look that they have at times while “hiding” or doing other things is nice to catch on film and often parents do not manage to capture those moments on their own camera with the same type of lighting that is available within my studio.

Infants who are on the mattress also end up with really cute photos. Either they will be laying with their bottom up and on their tummy facing toward me, gazing around sleepily, or they will be suckling on a fist. They may be holding a toy or playing with their toes. Regardless, it is often a moment that parents enjoy having pictures of and it is something that I manage to bring out. I do it only by using the right kind of prop, only the best lighting equipment, and the perfect timing to create amazing little portraits.


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Pointandshoot-300x232If you are in the market for a new camera, you know already that there are different types available. There is the somewhat basic point and shoot type cameras which some people prefer because it is easier to handle. The other type is the DSLR, which is a professional style camera, but thanks to the digital life, is more affordable. Do you know which one you want? Are you worried about which features you will have to give up if you go with a point and shoot? Maybe it is time to take a look at the differences between point and shoot and DSLR cameras.

Price Matters

DSLR cameras are more expensive than point and shoot, especially when you get into buying different lenses for your camera so that you can add more creativity to the photographs you want to take. Different lenses work better for different settings.

Image Quality

DSLRA DSLR camera can also give you a better quality image than a point and shoot. They have a better ability to capture photos in a lower light setting. Mostly it is due to the controls that are available on it, but are missing on the point and shoot cameras. However, in well-lit areas, if you are not sure what lens to use on your DSLR, the point and shoot will take the guesswork out of photography.

Control Ability

Have you ever seen a photograph that had a crystal clear image of someone or something close to the camera and then a very blurry background behind them? It could have been done by using photo editing software, but most likely it would have been done by the DSLR camera. With different lenses you can create this effect naturally, with a little practice. You can also use lenses to blur close things and bring into clarity items that are further away. Either of these things can happen with the point and shoot camera, but when it happens it is a rare treat.


This is one area that makes people lean more toward the point and shoot. This type of camera can be very small and easy to carry. In many cases, you can slip them into your pocket and never really know they are there. The DSLR cameras can start out relatively lightweight, but once you add on lenses and batteries, the weight can rapidly increase.

Point and Shoot are Quieter

DSLR cameras are substantially louder than point and shoot. Every time you push the button, the DSLR camera will have a shutter sound to it. Some people do not like this feature. Some DSLR cameras do allow you to make it quieter, but this is not found in all of them. The point and shoot type cameras have shutter sounds if you want them, but most all of them can be turned off, which could be a good feature in some settings.

Overall, Which is Best?

As with all things, some people are satisfied with point and shoot while others will favor the DSLR cameras. That is why there are also point and shoot cameras that have DSLR settings without the variety of lenses. The camera controls here will give you more options and features to play with, but they will not have a lot of extras for you to buy and maintain.DSLR-sEt

When it comes to which type is best for you, understanding the main differences between point and shoot or DSLR cameras can help, but no one can tell you that you will enjoy one over the other. It all boils down to what type of photos you want and how much control do you want to have over your camera.


ZoomLens-300x300In the past, cameras with a variety of lenses to choose from were something that only professional photographers used. Now, thanks to the digital age, cameras are able to go way beyond the call of duty and virtually every amateur photographer is taking pictures that amaze, because they go beyond point and shoot to digital SLR cameras. The problem is, most of these camera lenses are a little confusing for anyone who has no clue what they really need from their lens. To help, here is a guide to finding the right camera lenses for what you want to photograph the most. Perhaps this will make your digital SLR life a little easier.

Understand Your Lens Specifics

Certain lenses are designed to capture certain things. Before choosing your lens, you first have to decide what you plan to take photos of. If you want a camera that can zoom far out away from where you are, you will find that the focal length is one of the most important factors. If your interests are closer to you, zoom will be less important, but you want to focus on things that are at your feet, you have to consider the micro lenses that are available.LensSafari-300x208

If you think you will be taking photos later in the day when there is less light, the aperture will come into play more than anything else. The aperture that it has will tell you how much light the camera can gather up without a flash. The lower the number, the darker you can take a photograph and have it turn out decent. The highest aperture needs full light. When choosing a low aperture to take photos during the darker hours of the day, focus length may also play a part in it. Some focuses have different apertures for different lengths.

LightMeter-152x300You should make sure that your new camera lens can mount to your camera as well. It should also have a format that works with your camera. The format is how much of an image you can get with that lens. Mostly this is going to be determined by your camera manufacturer and this is why it is important to stick with a lens that is usable according to your camera’s manufacturer. Not all cameras or lenses are interchangeable.

Choose the Lens Based On What You Want to Capture

If you want creativity to be a huge factor in your photograph, an Ultra Wide camera lens could be fun for you. Mostly these lenses are used indoors or when a person wants to take a photo of a landscape. There are two different types of lens and they are the fisheye or the rectilinear. These lenses typically produce very sharp images of things that are close and as things are further away, their images will distort to give the photograph depth.

The other side of this camera lens comes in with the Wide Angle lens. This works the same as the other, but with it, the images will be less distorted, even if the photo includes things that are very far away. Everything in your photo will be straight and reasonably sharp.

Basic photos can benefit from a standard camera lens. Superzooms and telephoto lenses mean that you want to take photos of things that are extremely far away and have them come in clear. From there, you need to consider the price range and weight as well as other features that you require. Some cameras and lenses offer image stabilization features which help you get a clearer photo.SuperZoomLEns-300x199

In short, a basic lens is good for most all situations that you may have. They are ideal for vacations and times when you would rather not spend all day trying to change lenses. A long zoom lens is best for capturing kids or dogs when they are out playing in the yard. A faster lens and aperture will help you to take a variety of photos and improve the photos that you do capture.

Lenses are not easy to figure out when trying to learn an SLR camera. However, there is hope that this guide to choosing the right camera lenses have helped you to understand what you are truly looking for.


Do you make something that you feel others would like? Do you take amazing photographs, build with wood, or have a talent that you feel is worth advertising? It is a hard job to have, but the results could be well worth the effort that you put into it. Each day there are new people who get discovered by selling the things that they create with their own hands. You too can get paid for your crafts and other artwork. You simply have to know where to begin.

Getting Started

GettyThere are websites all over the internet that allow everyday people to sell their creations. If you are an amateur photographer and you capture sunsets that are amazing, there is a website that will allow you to sell prints of it. If you create paintings, do woodworking, craft jewelry, etc. there are websites that can help you find potential buyers. You will first have to look for the ideal place to sell your stuff and then set it up so that you have an easy way for people to buy.

This may include establishing how to get payment for the things you create. Not everyone can use a credit card from home. Using websites that do accept credit card payments will be the next thing you need to set up. If you prefer cash over credit cards, you may need to stick with driving around your local area and selling your things at craft shows, flea markets, booths at certain events, or find a store that sells similar items and see if they will sell them for you.

Marketing Matters

When trying to sell your items online or through other ways, marketing is going to become your primary goal in life. Use the resources that are available to you. Get a website that you can devote to the things you create. Advertise on Facebook. Talk to other websites who specialize in selling things similar to what you make and see if you can advertise your products there.Facebook-300x90

EBay, Craigslist, Esty, and other websites are crafters dream locations for trying to sell their items. Use it. If you do find a buyer, you could request they say good things about your product and then you will have to hope that they talk about where they got it from.

Be Prepared

Selling crafts is not an easy task. Often the creator will feel that they cannot get the amount of money that their items are worth. There are countries all over the world that can create things similar, even if they are less quality, for a very cheap price. Be prepared to put your heart into a piece of artwork that will sell for only a fraction of what you feel it is worth. The birdhouse that you build may take you hours to cut. It may cost you a small fortune in lumber. However, this does not mean that people are willing to spend $50 on it. This means that unless you love devoting time to it and not getting much in return, you may want to stick with creating smaller items that do not cost you so much.

The crafter’s life selling their products is not an easy way to go. It takes dedication, not only to the craft, but trying to find buyers. It may take a while to get it all started, but eventually, you can get paid for your crafts and artwork.