DockThere is a reason why everyone loves digital cameras. Most allow the photographer to immediately see the photos that they captured. This can help them know that they got the photo they were after, whether it is a family photo of people who rarely come together or a landscape that you see only on vacation. They are easy, and in most all cases, even a bad photograph can be edited to look fantastic by simply using a home computer. When you manage to capture an amazing image, how do you like to improve it? Did you know that you can now turn that photo into a painting for your mantle? If not, it is easy to learn how to turn a photo into an artistic painting and in most cases, it will not co
t you a fortune to do it.

The Easy Way

A lot of print shops have the ability to edit a photograph and turn it into a canvas style painting. This painting can become virtually any size you want and they are high quality paintings. Often it does take you a little while to get the poster back from them, but you do not have to put forth any effort, except for taking the photograph. The rest is done for you for a small fee. The price is based mostly on how large you want the painting to be when complete and the gas that it will cost you to go pick it up or have it mailed to your home.

The DIY Technique

We live in a world that has internet at most people’s fingertips. There is an endless amount of programs out there, some are free and some will cost you money. They can turn an ordinary digital photo into a painting with a little help from you. Some of these websites require you to use your mouse as the brush and you can practice your “brush strokes” until you feel that it is done right. When finished, you save the file and print it out on your printer using high quality paper. The problem with this is that most printers can only enlarge to an 8×10 inch print.PhotoshopImage-219x300

Using this type of photo editing is a little difficult for some. It can become a very difficult task if you have a mouse pad on your tablet rather than a computer with a mouse. It may take you a few times to get it right, as well as a few undos, but eventually it can happen. You can create a “painted” photo that will thrill anyone who sees it.

If you have already invested your money in Photoshop, you have no reason to struggle with a mouse or pay others for a smaller 8×10” print. Photoshop makes it easy and you can do it with very little effort once you figure out the right buttons to push to get the effect you want.

The first step is converting the image to a smart object within the background layer. From there, visit the filters and locate the dry brush filter. Adjust the color to make it pop and fine tune the saturation and different hues. When done, you will have a masterpiece that you will enjoy knowing you created just by learning how to turn a photo into an artistic painting.