Pointandshoot-300x232If you are in the market for a new camera, you know already that there are different types available. There is the somewhat basic point and shoot type cameras which some people prefer because it is easier to handle. The other type is the DSLR, which is a professional style camera, but thanks to the digital life, is more affordable. Do you know which one you want? Are you worried about which features you will have to give up if you go with a point and shoot? Maybe it is time to take a look at the differences between point and shoot and DSLR cameras.

Price Matters

DSLR cameras are more expensive than point and shoot, especially when you get into buying different lenses for your camera so that you can add more creativity to the photographs you want to take. Different lenses work better for different settings.

Image Quality

DSLRA DSLR camera can also give you a better quality image than a point and shoot. They have a better ability to capture photos in a lower light setting. Mostly it is due to the controls that are available on it, but are missing on the point and shoot cameras. However, in well-lit areas, if you are not sure what lens to use on your DSLR, the point and shoot will take the guesswork out of photography.

Control Ability

Have you ever seen a photograph that had a crystal clear image of someone or something close to the camera and then a very blurry background behind them? It could have been done by using photo editing software, but most likely it would have been done by the DSLR camera. With different lenses you can create this effect naturally, with a little practice. You can also use lenses to blur close things and bring into clarity items that are further away. Either of these things can happen with the point and shoot camera, but when it happens it is a rare treat.


This is one area that makes people lean more toward the point and shoot. This type of camera can be very small and easy to carry. In many cases, you can slip them into your pocket and never really know they are there. The DSLR cameras can start out relatively lightweight, but once you add on lenses and batteries, the weight can rapidly increase.

Point and Shoot are Quieter

DSLR cameras are substantially louder than point and shoot. Every time you push the button, the DSLR camera will have a shutter sound to it. Some people do not like this feature. Some DSLR cameras do allow you to make it quieter, but this is not found in all of them. The point and shoot type cameras have shutter sounds if you want them, but most all of them can be turned off, which could be a good feature in some settings.

Overall, Which is Best?

As with all things, some people are satisfied with point and shoot while others will favor the DSLR cameras. That is why there are also point and shoot cameras that have DSLR settings without the variety of lenses. The camera controls here will give you more options and features to play with, but they will not have a lot of extras for you to buy and maintain.DSLR-sEt

When it comes to which type is best for you, understanding the main differences between point and shoot or DSLR cameras can help, but no one can tell you that you will enjoy one over the other. It all boils down to what type of photos you want and how much control do you want to have over your camera.